All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” — Charles M. Schultz, Cartoonist

"The Kiss"

It’s the iconic art piece of Olympia, this polished metal sculpture standing before the vista of Percival Landing and south Puget Sound. Cast in aluminum by sculptor Richard S. Beyer and installed on the waterfront in 1990, is one of the highlights of Beyer’s work, which spans more than 90 pieces acrosskissthe globe and also includes Seattle’s famous “Waiting for the Interurban” sculpture in Fremont. As the legend goes, “The Kiss” was created for and placed at Percival Landing because of its romantic setting. Indeed, with Budd Bay Inlet and the Olympic mountains to one side and the Capitol Building and lake to the other, it’s the perfect place for a proposal — or at least a kiss. Surprise your partner with a stroll here on Valentine’s Day and see what happens. Who can resist the romance?