Toliva Shoal Race February 21

Also on Presidents’ Day weekend, this special race is part of the Southern Sound Series family activities schedule. It’s a weekend of fun, including the race itself — where up to 100 boats come for the pre­party and the “Down Sound” racing experience that takes them from Olympia to Anderson Island and the Toliva Shoal Buah the next day.

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Piefest February 28

Bring two of the same scratch­ made, non­-refrigerated pies in disposable containers — and make sure they look GOOD. Visual appeal is as valuable as taste in these parts!

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Lacey Ethnic Festival March 7

Capture international music and dance on three stages and take in traditions from other lands through demonstrations and displays at this free event for the whole family. Tip: You can also sample exotic flavors and artwork from the food and craft vendors, and kids can explore hands ­on crafts activities.