WET Science Center (LOTT)


The WET Science Center in Olympia, WA is a fun, hands-on place to learn all about water – one of the most precious resources. Featuring interactive exhibits, weekend family activities, tours, and environmental presentations. Open Mon-Sat from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it’s free! The WET Science Center has a variety of games and activities for all ages, although most are designed for older children ages 10 and up, as well as adults. An optional scavenger hunt guides visitors through eight stations of exploration and earns you a prize. Exhibits and interactive video games include information about: • The natural and built water cycle, water use, and water conservation. • Wastewater treatment, including the role of bacteria in the nitrogen removal process. • What not to flush or put down the drain. • Production and use of Class A Reclaimed Water. • Career opportunities at LOTT Clean Water Alliance. • Stewardship of the Puget Sound. The WET Science Center is located at 500 Adams Street NE, in downtown Olympia, just two blocks northeast of the Olympia transit station.

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