2016 Annual Tourism Awards

Cutting through and standing out

Winner's names are listed in bold text

Excellence In Hospitality

All who work in the hospitality business provide an invaluable service to the well-being of our economy. This award honors a hospitality professional who consistently goes out of their way to make visitors feel special.

David Robbins, Best Western Pluss Inn & Suites
Charles Clapp, OLTVCB
Gregory Moe, OLTVCB & Windermere

Tourism Visionary

This award honors an individual whose long-term effort, commitment and trail-blazing accomplishments as a pioneer have set the stage for regional tourism. 

Charlotte Dickison, Dixieland Jazz Festival
Sandra Romero, Thurston County
Patrick Knutson, Budd Bay Cafe & the River's Edge

Community Unity

This award recognizes an individual who continuously works to unite the Thurston County tourism community through collaboration, innovation and regional projects.

The Olympia Farmer's Market
Heidi Cerniway, City of Tumwater
Craig Ottavelli, OrgSupport
Sean Finney, City of Lacey

Tourism Professional of the Year

This award honors a tourism professional who’s exceptional service and outstanding commitment to the tourism industry in Thurston County has contributed significantly to the success of the industry.

Patrick Knutson, Budd Bay Cafe & the River's Edge