Enterprise for Equity

Enterprise for Equity has been helping people with limited-incomes and others start small businesses since 1999. The Microcredit Summit in Washington, D.C in 1997 initially inspired this effort. After the Summit a small group of volunteers brought together 30 representatives of low-income serving agencies in the South Sound such as the Food Bank, Refugee and Immigrant Services Center, and Housing Authority to learn about the self-employment needs of the people they serve. Since then they have developed relationships with these agencies, conducted comprehensive business planning programs, obtained a 501(c)3 designation, established an active Board of Directors, and received sponsorships and funding from foundations, businesses and public agencies. Their organization has implemented a full menu of business planning, technical assistance and support services to help people increase their income, confidence and financial security. Enterprise for Equity is uniquely qualified to support entrepreneurs with limited-incomes in the development of their business. Their curriculum is comprehensive and their staff, trainers and volunteers are experienced in supporting micro-businesses.