Deschutes Valley Park


  • 600 T Street SE, Tumwater, WA 98501
The Deschutes Valley Park was first envisioned when the City purchased the Tumwater Valley Golf Course in 1996. As a part of that purchase, land became available for the park and for the future Deschutes Valley Trail. Park amenities include children's play toy, restroom, parking, interpretive areas and a scenic overlook from the top of the reclaimed water tank.

The City partnered with the LOTT Clean Water Alliance on construction of a reclaimed water tank and the first phase of the Deschutes Valley Park. As a result of the project, the City and LOTT have brought reclaimed water to the Tumwater Valley Golf Course for irrigation. The reclaimed water tank is partially recessed into the hillside at T Street, offering a scenic overlook to the valley and golf course below and a unique feature within the park itself. The water tank project was completed at the end of 2014.