Sea Kayaking in Olympia Out of Tugboat Annies at West Bay Marina

Friendly staff are ready to help at the sea kayak rental at Tugboat Annies
When you arrive at the Tugboat Annies sea kayak rental kiosk, staff are ready to assist with renting gear and discussing the necessary information for heading out on the water. Photo credit: Leo Thom

Rent Sea Kayaks in Olympia at West Bay Marina

Kayaks ready for launch
It’s a straightforward process to pick your kayaks and load them before pushing off. Tugboat Annies has a beginner-friendly loading station for getting in and out. Photo credit: Leo Thom

What You Can Do While Sea Kayaking in Budd Inlet

A seal suns itself on a large rock in Budd Inlet.
Seals like to sun themselves on log booms or large rocks north of West Bay Marina. During early summer, you might catch some seals teaching their pups how to navigate the deeper waters. Photo credit: Leo Thom

Advice From the Sea Kayak Team at West Bay Marina

A view of Budd Inlet from a kayak
You can paddle south from West Bay Marina to check out downtown Olympia with a unique perspective. Photo credit: Leo Thom

Places to Eat and Stay in Olympia

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