Thurston Bountiful Byway Trails

Natural Phenomena and Historical Landmarks

Capitol State Forest

Capitol State Forest is a forested, 100,000-acre playground for hikers, birders and biking enthusiasts.

  • McLane Creek Nature Trail is a 1.1 mile nature trail with views of ponds and wildlife (access off Delphi Road)
  • Mima Mounds are mysterious mound formations. Visit the interpretive center to learn the theories and walk the trails (access off Waddell Creek Road)


Millersylvania State Park

Millersylvania State Park features 3,300 feet of freshwater shoreline on Deep Lake. The park is woven with trails and campsites are available. (12245 Tilley Road South)

Photo provided by Washington State Parks


The Chehalis Western Trail

The Chehalis Western Trail follows the historical route of the Chehalis Western Railroad and intersects the Thurston Bountiful Byway between Rainier and Tenino. (access off Woodard Bay Road or Highway 507 between Rainier and Tenino)


The Yelm-Tenino Trail

The Yelm-Tenino Trail follows the historical route of the railroad and parallels the Thurston Bountiful Byway for a total of 13.5 miles. The trail intersects the Chehalis Western Trail. 

Trail access points:

  • Yelm trailhead is located behind the Yelm City Hall (105 W Yelm Avenue)
  • Rainier trailhead is located behind Rainier Market (between Center Street and Minnesota Street)
  • Tenino trailhead is located at the Tenino City Park (Washington Avenue)

Photo by Doug Walker Photography


Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge is an estuary that supports a variety of sea and wildlife. Trails and boardwalks are perfect for a nature walk. (100 Brown Farm Road NE)