Rants Group


The Rants Group was formed in 1973 (as Evergreen-Olympic Properties) by Ron Rants. His focus was to provide commercial real estate services for the Thurston County Market. The Rants Group has evolved into a full service commercial and multi-family real estate firm offering sales, leasing, property management and development services. We have never strayed from that original focus.  Since 1973, The Rants Group has been guided by four basic principles. First, stay within your field of expertise and be experts in that field. The Rants Group concentrates on commercial and multi-family real estate in Thurston County only. Second, look to the long term in both relationships and real estate investments. We are pleased that we have on going relationships with many of our investors and property owners. We have retained tenants that include Fortune 500 companies, federal and state agencies and all types of private businesses for many of our thirty plus years in business. Third, long term real estate investments are good for our clients and good for ourselves. We remain in ownership with our investors and manage almost all of the investments properties that we have purchased or developed during our corporate life. Finally, we believe that community involvement is crucial. We, the principles of The Rants Group are involved and we encourage each of our associates to be involved. "This is our community." As an integrated commercial real estate and development company, we take full responsibility for the life cycle of a property. We act as a property manager and as asset manager. As property manager our goal is to maintain each property well and keep it fully occupied. As asset manager our goal is to enhance the long term value of each property. We take a project from the idea stage to design, development, financing, leasing and managing. We stay involved step by step and over the life of the project. By providing this long term continuity we can best serve our clients.