Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

Today the MRSR is indebted to Tom Murray and a host of volunteers who turn out to operate and maintain our vintage rolling stock. More than 90 percent of the crews who keep the trains rolling are volunteers. And they are the heart and soul of the organization. Each year thousands of passengers step aboard a MRSR train as it is the only tourist attraction in the area between Mount Rainier National Park and Mount St . Helens National Monument that is capable of providing an activity to over 500 guest daily. Traveling through the verdant timbered forest a rider on the MRSR feels suspended in time. The plaintive wail of a vintage locomotive whistle sends a lonesome echo rolling against the hillsides as travelers relax to a pace of a bygone era. Passengers discover the train travel allows for a chance to visit, make friends and share an experience. They are reminded that once railroads linked our nation and its people together in a way that airplanes or automobiles never have. Other railroad equipment belonging to MRSR includes: log, flat, box, refrigerator, crane, equipment cars, and much more. Also included, are speeders, logging donkeys, and literally tons of other items. This is not a static museum of steam era logging equipment. The volunteers and staff are actively restoring and maintaining all the equipment on the grounds that MRSR owns and operates with a full service railroad shop. Even the well equipped shop has equipment dating back to the times when large lathes and milling machines were standard equipment to maintain steam operated equipment. This is not the kind of equipment where you can order a part; you make or repair it on the spot no matter what it is! The Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad can be better described as an operational display of the equipment used in the steam logging industry with all major logging locomotives represented -- perhaps the only place in the world they can be viewed together. Weekly excursion and tour trains depart beneath the snow white cap of Mount Rainier from the Depot and Gift Shop in Elbe, WA. Pulled by vintage locomotives, passengers on the MRSR are charmed as they pass through forest and meadows, next to clear mountain streams and over tall wooden trestles.