Bay Mercantile


We’re a unique oasis on Mud Bay in NW Olympia. Mud Bay is the upstream arm of Eld Inlet on the Puget Sound. Owner Kari is a Washington native, and devoted to living and working here. Just a few minutes of conversation and you’ll catch on to her enthusiasm for this magical place called BAY MERCANTILE. Nearby is a nesting pair of Bald Eagles fishing for Salmon. Bird watching is exciting here on the bay, many different species of birds follow the tide in and out. You’ll probably find a patient Blue Heron looking for his next meal too! INSIDE IS AS SPECIAL AS OUTSIDE! Puget Sound artists are really talented. No trinkets or junk, these are some special items that you’ve got to see. Local Maple and Alder trees have been transformed into gorgeous tables and mirror frames. Due to the unique nature of the wood, these pieces are really special. Sea glass jewelry, and kitchen tools are all made locally. We love food, and we really love gourmet food. Bay Mercantile is filled with really special ingredients for your kitchen. Specialty pastas, sauces, local sea salts, hot sauces, and more. Now we have FRESH OYSTERS AND CLAMS AVAILABLE DAILY! Stop by to see what’s fresh, and check out our wine pairings...or see what kind of microbrews we can suggest for you! You’re sure to leave with a smile!