DIY Feltie Soap class!


Wednesday, Feb 12, at 6:00 p.m.

"I will OWL-ways love you"

Come and experience the relaxing art of needle felt crafting with Lydia Tevis of Harmony Heritage Farm! Each participant will be given their own blank wool-felted soap, a felting needle, and wool to create your own little owl soap. Learn all about wool felted soap--your soap and washcloth all-in-one--and take your creation home to enjoy. Your skin will love the gentle exfoliation of organic and naturally antimicrobial wool, as well a the refreshing qualities of sheep milk soap, which is crafted in small batches with the milk from Lydia's own little flock of very loved dairy sheep. This class's scent will be featuring a Jasmine Gardenia scent, if you are sensitive to smells please let the instructor know ahead of time and she will make you an unscented option.

Please note that this class is not intended for children as there will be sharp needles involved in the craft. Reservations are required!

Tips are welcomed!

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  • Harmony Heritage Farm!
  • Dates February 12, 2020
  • Price FREE