6th Annual Galactic Wisdom Conference


  • Washington Land Yacht Harbor
  • 9101 Steilacoom Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98513

March 13 through 15

Ted Mahr & Out of this World Radio are sponsoring a wonderful conference at 9101 Steilacoom Road, S.E., Olympia, Washington 98513 on March 13, 14, & 15, 2020. This is his 6th annual event in Thurston County.

At this non-profit event, people will be able to meet some of the world's most famous and interesting UFO people and psychics, and healers including Simon Parkes from England (famous ET contactee), James Redfield (famous author of the Celestine Prophecy), Alex Collier (famous contactee from the Andromedian Galaxy), Rex Bear of the Leak Project, Michiko Hayashi of the Emoto Peace Project, Dr. Gerald Pollack (famous water professor, U. of Washington), and Zorra and Billie Woodard from the Hollow Earth, among others.

Imagine a full weekend with some of the world's most famous healers and UFO people! I hope you can all come to this world-class event!

For those who register by January 31st, there will be a discount of $125 for the entire conference. After January 31st, the cost will be $197.

Click here for registration and more information

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  • Dates 3/13/2020, 3/14/2020, 3/15/2020